Screenpresso 1.8.1

NEWVERSION AVAILABLEScreenpressoJune 2020 (1.8.1)

Benoist J

Migration to Microsoft .NET 4.8 Framework

Following Microsoft updates for performance and security, Screenpresso runs now on .NET 4.8 framework.

Install the latest version of the .NET Framework on your computer using this Microsoft link if you are not using Windows 10.
If you are using Windows 10, you already have the right version.
If you want to know which frameworks you have, you can use this tool.


Added "NoOcr" policy
Added "MergeVideos" command line
Color picker: removed the '#' character in the captured color value
Capture: fixed ScreenshotDelay feature
Workspace: added a tooltip to explain how to organize up or down the workspaces
Editor: fixed the canvas when cropping outside the original content
Editor: fixed an issue with the zoom
Editor: fixed a crash when deleting all numbered items
Video: fixed error message when the disk is full
Workspace: the window is not topmost anymore
Sharing: fixed an issue with Evernote
Changed default value of advanced setting named "SnappingDepth" from 1 to 2
Added NoErrorReportingEmail policy
Improved the clipboard
Improved Live Update engine
Improved FIPS support
Restored version to Windows' field named "ProductInfo"
Updated to the latest version of NAudio library for better sound recording

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