About translators

Screenpresso software has been translated thanks to the work of many contributors.
All the team would like to thank them for their hard work. They have received PRO version license for FREE.
If you’d like to contribute, correct or translate Screenpresso in your mother tongue language, feel free to contact us.
GermanOle Hempelmann
Axel Heyne
SpanishHelp is welcome
Simplified ChineseHelp is welcome
Traditional ChineseScorpio Liu
TurkishSaner Apaydın
RussianИван Родин (Rivan)
Сергей (SergM)
Brazilian PortugueseIgor Custodio
PortugueseRui Miguel Simões Pinheiro
ItalianGianfranco Di Tommaso
ArabicHussein Belal
UkrainianОлександр (6c6c6)
PolishArtur (PO)
DanishRandi Bæhr
HungarianBrechler Zsolt
DutchMark Armado
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